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Club Meeting - Koi Grow-out Overview

  • Saturday, January 20, 2024
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • virtual meeting (register to get link to invite)


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This month, we will be discussing this year’s grow-out selection - Shiro Utursi koi. The Shiro Utursi Koi is a a patterned breed that is known for its black and white pattern. Elliott will be providing the club more details about this breed. He will also discuss the breeder and where we are going to be getting these koi from. 

As a club, we have arranged for special pricing for this year’s grow-out. The price will be $150 per koi. The price includes the purchase of the koi as well and transportation and quarantining of the koi here in the US. The koi will be purchased at the end of the month of January and shipped to our importer where they will be quarantined until April. In April, we will be having a raffle for those who participated in the grow-out. Each person who purchased a koi will be given opportunity to select their koi - the selection order will be random based on the number of participants and the number purchased by each member. 

If you are interested in securing your spot, you can purchase you koi at the Club Store - there is a limited number of koi that the club will purchase so make sure to get yours today!

You can learn more about Shiro Utursi from this video from The Koi Partner


Additionally, Elliott has arranged for a special guest to attend our Club Meeting - Grow-out Raffle - Shawn McHenry - Owner of Mystic Koi in California/ Honorary All Japan Judge/ YouTuber and Koi Knowledge Enthusiast. Shawn will have a discussion prior to the koi picking about picking koi and koi health. Shawn will also be available for questions. Make sure to mark your calendars for this event!

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