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Trailer Cleanup & Repairs - Session 1

  • Saturday, June 03, 2023
  • 9:00 AM

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Call to Action - Trailer Cleanup

We need your help!

The club trailer is in need of some repairs and cleaning. The trailer houses the equipment we use for the Koi Show. The trailer is in need of some work on the outside as some of the external panels are beginning to fail and we have some work on the back door to prevent the unwanted guests - wasps - from nesting inside. 

We are planning to spend the month of June doing the needed repairs and updates. This is a great time for those handy members to come "flex" their muscles and skills. We are looking to replace the external wood paneling with lighter aluminum as well as clean-out , inventory, repair/replace any damaged equipment in th trailer. 

This is a big task and we will need many hands! Elliott has graciously volunteered to host the repairs at his place and we will be doing this the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of June. 

June 3rd Activities

We will be meeting at Elliott and Agi’s place @ 9am. We will be cleaning out the trailer, inventorying the contents, determining any equipment that needs repairs, and getting a list of items that need restocking. We will also start to do some removal of the side panels and start to work to replace these with new lighter aluminum sides.

Need lots of hands to help with the cleanup and the cataloging of items. We also need some tool handy members to help with the removal and replacement of the side panels.  

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