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2024 Grow-out Koi

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We will be doing the grow-out again in 2024 - this year we have selected Shiro Utsuri as the breed. This year we will be getting Shiro-Utursi as the Grow-out Breed. Rules • Fish will be available on a first come, first serve basis to RMKC members. • Members may purchase multiple fish. • To hold a fish (which does not guarantee it, see rest of rules) you need to prepay for it via our web site ASAP. Our website will manage inventory of available fish. Selection Day (April 20th) • You MUST be present to claim your fish. • Prepaid AND present, the fish is yours. • Prepaid and NOT present, fish goes to anyone present who wants it, if we have multiple people, a drawing will be held to determine who gets it. Your pre-payment will be refunded. • If you did not prepay for a fish, you’re present and there is a fish available, you may purchase one (see prior point if we have fewer fish than people wanting one). • If you’re not able to pay for the fish at time of selection, you do not get a fish. • Those purchasing a fish will draw a number to determine the order of selection. • If you’re purchasing multiple fish, you will draw a number for your first fish, everyone else will draw a number, then you can draw for your next fish, etc. • Any situation not stipulated in the rules will be resolved at the discretion of our President.

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